2015 Keynotes


Keynote Lunch featuring Shazam  
Keynote Lunch: The Legends of Direct Response  


2015 Masters Series


What Marketers Should Know about Programmatic TV  
Building a Better Model for Attribution  
Discover Your True Omnichannel MER Download
Big Data's Secret Sauce  
Direct Response 101 (Part 1) - Offline: Concept to Completion  
Direct Response 101 (Part 2) - Online: Your Direct Response E-Commerce and Digital Strategy  
Case Study: How the Woof Washer Is Changing the Face of Direct Response Download
Convergence of Short-Form DRTV & Digital Download
Scale Your Digital Business Without Blowing Your Budget Download
The Evolution of Digital and Audio Media Download
Cutting TV CPOs Through Mobile Commerce  
Using Digital to Make the Cash Register Ring  
Leveraging Social Media to Maximize Direct Sales Download
Utilizing Social Media to Generate Leads Download
How to Use Direct Response to Win at Inbound Marketing  


2015 Learning Lounge


Evaluating the Impact of Your Multichannel Strategy Download
Mining Big Data to Deliver Bigger Results Download
What Is Amazon Up To? The Future of Big Data Download
Don’t Forget the Basics When Developing a Multichannel Plan Download
Retail Synergy Between Broadcast and Digital Advertising Download
Forget What You Think You Know About Radio Download
Dead Air Calls: What You Need to Know Download
Backend Bloopers IV Download
Optimize for the World’s Largest Product Search Engine – Amazon.com Download
The Layer Cake - Using Communications to Drive Sales  
Can You See Your Audience Now? TV Advertising Trends Visualized  
Heavenly Marriage: Converging TV & Mobile-Video for Improving Your ROI  
The Future of Social Commerce: Increasing Conversions Download
Keeping Pace With an Omnichannel Customer Download
The Never-ending Story: Creating an Engaging Brand  
Surprise & Delight: Best Practices for Wowing Customers  
Modern Marketing: Are You Meeting the Connected Customer’s Expectations? Download


2015 Breakfast Sessions


Networking Breakfast & Bonus Session - Manatt Morning Blend  
Networking Breakfast & Bonus Session - Circle the Wagons: A 360-Degree View of Direct-to-Consumer Enforcement and Litigation Issues